Punch Magazine: 27th November 1974 Europe-End of a Cause?


This issue concerned itself with the EEC and various views of the politicos of the time.  The issue cover was designed by Trog.  The editor was William Davis.  Featured writers include Alan Coren, Basil Boothroyd, William Hareardcastle, Sherdan Morley, Alan Brien, Andrew Boyle, R.G.G. Price.  There are over thirty cartoons in the issue.  Cartoonists include Mahood, Hollowood, Honeysett, Trog, Lowry, ffolkes, Murrray Ball, David Lagton and Starke, Larry.  Comes ready to hang.  Cover has been carefully removed and framed.  You will also receive the rest of the magazine in a soft plastic sleeve.


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