Customer Service

Doctor dom is our restoration man. He loves all things cycling and is often found repairing and adopting bicycles. In his spare time he created our lovely tea room the old Albion. Specialisms: furniture restoration & bicycle repairs.


Andy loves all things Americana. He knows a lot about vintage and collectible toys. Andy works Sundays and Fridays. He can help you with all the antique knowledge you need. Specialism: Americana & Vintage


Jo works in the Albion Tea Room, she can help you with your vintage needs. She loves the 50s & 60s. She also works as a freelance/professional photographer using film so she can help you with your camera needs. Specialism: … Read More


Everything person

The boss man Gregg; he loves all things mechanical. With a keen interest in railways and warfare. Gregg and Belinda are husband and wife team who bring knowledge all the way from New Orleans to the Yorkshire Wolds. Specialism: mechanical, … Read More


Product Tester

Jeff has over 50 years of farming experience, he is our  agriculture specialist. He can help with all these needs and more. You can find Jeff here on a Monday. Specialism: Agriculture


Carol is our costume jewellery specialist, she runs market stalls around Yorkshire and is keen on vintage. You can find her here on Tuesday. Specialism: costume jewellery & vintage clothing.


Oscar is our youngest staff member, he’s keen on cameras and antiques. Specialism: cameras.  

Special workers

Momma goat & Baby goat – weed control, grass clearance. Gus – resident swimmer Jake – security and pest control


Belinda is the lady with all the vintage know how. She runs the vintage boutique stocked with beautiful clothing from the 50s, 60s, 70s and more. Belinda also designs costume jewellery. Specialism: vintage clothing & jewellery


Janet is multi skilled out in house gardener, tea room lady, organiser and you can often find her working in the main shop at bar farm on a Wednesday. Specialism: vintage clothing & gardening