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Frequently Asked Questions

We are open four days a week…Thursday to Sunday.  Hours: Thur-Sat  10-5  Sun  11-4.  Many days we stay open later. If you phone ahead and we can accommodate you coming at other times…we will do our best.

No. Even though we have enough variety of vintage, collectable and antique items to look like a museum…we are a shop and you are free to look around and enjoy our place. Any purchase in the tea room or shop is certainly appreciated. It keeps us going.
It depends. We may or may not agree on a price, it may be something that we have a lot of, it may be something really valuable, it may be something not so valuable, it may be the greatest item in the world but for some reason they just don’t sell. We are ALWAYS interested in looking at what you have. It is best to follow the procedure under the section THINGS TO SELL (coming soon).
Well…not to me…I’m already married for the second time. Confucius say: Man who marry for second time make same mistake twice. For me…second time should have been the first time. As far as you and someone else…English law does not permit weddings in random places. You are very welcome to have a reception here or other event. We are always open to ideas that include gathering masses of people having a good time.
Between all of us here…pretty much everything. When you come here you will see for yourself.
Yes we do have a loo! It’s not on the register of historic places but is primitive and still usable. Located near the car park you will see ‘WC’ on the wall. Go through the small gate by the hedge and ten feet straight ahead. It is a single loo for men, women, boys, girls, L, B, G, TG and undecided.
Certainly some parts of it are. We try to keep a clear path so wheelchairs can enter most of the buildings. For those unable to use the steps to the tea room, we have three nice tables set up inside the main emporium and if the weather is good…some outside tables as well.
Of course they are if they are under control and well behaved. Please clean up after you dogs. If they need water…please ask. We have goats, a cat and turtle on the property so if your dog is excited by any of these we ask that you keep your dog/dogs on a lead.
Depends on what you are smoking. All tobacco products must only be smoked outside and any fag ends or other related debris should be taken with you or disposed of properly.
Yes we do rent out many of our items that are out for sale and even others that are just here for hiring.
You are free to take as many photos as you like of the place and we encourage you to post them on our social media sites and anywhere else you think appropriate.
Please talk to us about it. We love this kind of stuff and like most things…if we can do it…we will.
We love wacky ideas. Let us know what it is and if it is something we might be able to do…we can talk about it.
It is not staged. Certainly may repeat some actions and stand in certain places for the camera. There is no agreement beforehand on price or anything thing else. When it comes to selling…will always try to give them the best deal possible as long as I make a profit or at least cover my cost.
Of course!  Well, we use a variety of delivery services according to what we are sending you.  You can see the prices of our products inclusive or exclusive of delivery
We will take payment in just about any form you offer, but bartering is a little more complex!
As a rule we don’t expect returns.  Often you may buy on a whim – just let it grow on you.  If your item is damaged in any way (other than it being vintage) we will of course accommodate your returns.
Unique and vintage items don’t lend themselves to bulk purchasing, but it does happen.  If you are placing a very large order or want multiples of a single item, please call or drop us an email with your request.

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If you want to send photos of items you wish to sell, please email them directly to